Latest | Coachella Valley Independent: “In the face of environmental crisis, Coachella Valley residents build coalitions for health and justice.”

This Fall , Coachella Valley Indepedent published my feature on Valley residents, youth in particular, who are organizing their communities to collectively face mounting health, environmental and economic crisis in the region  surrounding California’s largest (and fastest shrinking) lake.

Here’s a couple paragraphs from the full story:

Ruiz said Latino residents don’t see conservation as a priority—but that’s not because they don’t care. He said many communities don’t have access to resources for information. That’s why he partnered with Spanish-language media company Univision to produce a series of public-service announcements about the lake. In one segment, the announcer asks, “Did you know your health issues could be tied to conditions at the Salton Sea?”…

For the current generation, Ruiz said, he is opening pathways for educational research and restorative projects. He said he cautions the next generation from seeing the relationship with the Salton Sea only as “utilitarian” and not one of harmony.

“We tend to see nature as something that exists away from home,” he said. “Nature is part of us; it’s our home.”



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